Ultimate steel and concrete pile protection system

SeaShield 2000 FD

SeaShield 2000FD heavy duty System provides protection for steel, concrete and timber structures in the splash and intertidal zones. SeaShield Series 2000FD Heavy Duty system seals the substrate against oxygen and water, preventing corrosion and deterioration.

Banana Island, Qatar

SeaShield 2000 FD

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Project Summary

Banana Island is a holiday resort located in the Persian Gulf close to Doha. The resort’s rooms are built over the water and the piles that support them required protection from the highly saline sea conditions. In total 736 piles were protected using a combination of the SeaShield 2000FD and Rigspray. Rigspray was applied to the top of the piles which had a complicated steel plinth which would not be possible to protect using a wrap system. The Rigspray was applied to a blasted surface which had all contaminants removed using HoldTight 102. The SeaShield 2000FD system was then applied overlapping onto the Rigspray to give complete protection to the whole pile. The SeaShield 2000FD Inspection Port was supplied to be fitted to 10 piles which were located around the site. These Inspection Ports will allow the owner of the resort to carry out periodical inspection of the piles and monitor the effectiveness of the SeaShield 2000FD system.