Ultimate steel and concrete pile protection system

SeaShield 2000 FD

SeaShield 2000FD heavy duty System provides protection for steel, concrete and timber structures in the splash and intertidal zones. SeaShield Series 2000FD Heavy Duty system seals the substrate against oxygen and water, preventing corrosion and deterioration.

Santa Marta Jetty, Colombia

SeaShield 2000 FD

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Project Summary

The Jetty is located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Santa Marta, Colombia. The temperatures in this location regularly exceeds 30°C year round and can climb as high as 38°C. The 2000FD Series shows excellent performance under these temperature conditions. The 2000FD Series was here used over a factory applied Epoxy Coating which had begun failing shortly after immersion. 300 piles in total were protected by SeaShield 2000FD at this site.